LTO license renewal in Cebu

Nowadays renewing ones drivers license can be a challenge.

In Cebu City, this can be very very challenging. Gone are the days where you can have everything done in half a day.

This blog was created to help fellow Cebuano motorist renew their licences with ease.

Disclaimer though. Maybe there are other ways pls. comment and share your experience below for others to read and benefit. Also, this blog doesn’t include new license application.

Here are the steps on how to renew your drivers license.

Step 1 choose a venue.

Feb 11, 2019, I decided to have my license renewed in SM Seaside after my license expired in Jan 27.  5 years ago, renewed my license in SM City Cebu.

Blooper no 1. A few days ago, i tried to renew my license in Robinsons Galleria but they only provide the license printing services there. No license renewal processing.

License renewal venues can be done in

SM City Cebu.
Talisay LTO.
SM Seaside.
J Center mall.

Pls note that SM City Cebu only allows renewal only. No Plastic ID printing.

To summarize
sm city – medical – renewal
sm seaside – medical – renewal – plastic printing (outside the mall)
sm seaside – plastic printing only (inside the mall)
galeria – plastic printing

Step 2. Get a medical cert.

This involves getting a drug test and getting a medical certificate after seeing a Doctor.
For the med cert in SM seaside there are 2 options

Option 1 is Mega care medical services inc.

While another option is with Kaiser medical who opens at 6am and doctor arrives 8am.
This option cost p500. Wasn’t able to experience Kaiser services so no pics and other info.

I chose option 1. Cost for medical and drug test is p550. Seniors have discount and priority here. The facility is very organized and even if the venue is flooded the lines flows very smoothly. Doors open at 8am and its the clinic is just a few steps away from the LTO renewal center. Here are some pics of the facility

I started lining up at 9am at the clinic and had everything done by 1100am considering the lines was very long when i arrived.  After getting your medical cert proceed to the LTO for the actual license renewal.

Once inside LTO, smooth sailing na. Pas-Pas kaayo! Youll be finished in 30 to 40 mins depending on how early you arrive. Here are some pics of the LTO office.

Inside you will find the following counters
Photo and signature
Photo and printing

I advise you to get your medical cert on the first day. Line up at 8am and finish everything in a few hours. Go home or go to the mall and relax, perhaps watch a movie.

On the second day. Process your license renewal. Doors open at 930am. People line up as early as 8am.

Make sure you bring your old license and your med cert and drug test.
Inside you will be asked to fill up some forms.  Make sure you bring your own ball-pen.

Happy renewing! hope this blog helps…

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