Vision | We envision to be the region’s most reliable distributor of Original TOP motorcycle parts, lubricants, tires and accessories.

Mission | It is our mission to meet the motorcycle parts needs of our customers and dealers and the Filipino motorist in the communities we serve while aiding our employees to grow their career within the organization.

Values | We will work in steadfast adherence to ethical values by distributing genuine products, top quality parts with reasonable prices and the best service to our dealers and motorist.

Teamwork | We will aim to work with productive rapport among employees at all levels towards the attainment of our organizational goals.


In 1973, Vismin started as a fishing supply business by a young couple Carlos and Estrellita Tan. With the advice of the Te family and through Phil. SGC Corporation and Phil. SUNTAL Corporations’ help, the company slowly shifted from fishing to a motorcycle parts business. In 1977 Cebu Vismin Mktg Corp was incorporated.

The rest is history
1993, retail branch opened.

1995, specialized wholesale business.

2008, the group entered the performance parts business (VM MOTORCITY CORPORATION)

2014, retail arm re-opened under New Manalili Vismin Motor Parts Corp.

2017, Toppu Burando Distribution Corporation opened.